EPA has been in business since 1964 as an electrical manufacturers representative agency serving the Indiana Market. Our aim is to market and sell products for manufacturers by anticipating what products will help the distributor, our mutual partner, grow in the Indiana market. End user focus has been a key to our success.

Why EPA?

EPA offers a trained sales staff consisting of six outside salesmen, and four inside sales people. 

We are the Rep of The Future! Using state of the art tools to excel at selling products in the electrical industry. We continue to keep pace and makes changes in order to effectively communicate and meet the need of our manufacturers, distributors and end users.

We use Telenotes CRM System allowing our sales reps to phone in their call reports, which are then transcribed into our CRM. This tool insures fresh information captured right after the sales call. Each outside sales person has an iPad loaded with the latest literature, PowerPoints and Pricing.


EPA maintains a 58,000 square foot warehouse/office in Indianapolis with service as our main goal. We handle all sales calls, shipments and pick ups at this facility. We ship to multiple states. We also provide delivery service with a 24 foot flat bed to our Indiana customers.

We have built a 600 square foot Training Center and an 800 square foot Demonstration Room. All offices have Simkar LED lighting installed with Intermatic Occupancy Sensors. The warehouse shows metal halide, T8, T5 and LED technology run by the Intermatic ET90000 12 circuit Programmable Networked Time Switch. Load per circuit will be monitored by Fluke Connect wireless metering. Customers are able to view these different lighting strategies and see the corresponding load.

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